Lakers Taking Big Shot in David and Goliath Game

Lakers Look to Beat Stacked Odds Against Lake Orion in Playoff Game

Lakers Taking Big Shot in David and Goliath Game

Ryan Horwitz

Tonight at 7 pm, the varsity Lakers Lacrosse team will be facing not only Lake Orion High School, but the odds stacked against them.

The Lakers have had a tough season, winning only 2 games out of 11. Tonight they will be facing Lake Orion High School, a dominant force in the Lacrosse realm, ranked 33rd in the country and 5th in the state. In order for the Lakers to muster a win, they must concentrate on several focal points. First, the must make sure their passes are strong and consistent. Bad passes will aid the Dragons in winning much more easily. The Lakers must also win a higher percentage of the ground ball opportunities than the Dragons. By winning the ground balls, the Lakers will give themselves a stronger chance in scoring by increasing possession time. Additionally, it is necessary for the Lakers to take smart shots. Smart shots are the key to getting ahead, and strong defense is a facet of staying ahead. With these components all coming together, as well as the determination and grit of the players, the Lakers will play their best game of the season and stand the best chance against the looming Lake Orion Dragons.

The Lakers can’t do it without you, so come support the Lakers tonight at Lake Orion High School at 7 pm. Go Lakers!