Emma Lundgren

Love is in the air! On Tuesday May 16 all WBHS Choir students participated in the program’s annual spring concert. This years theme was ‘Singing Is Our Forte, Love Is Our Song’. Each song performed had a message somehow related to love. Each of the 4 choirs performed various group songs together, such as Chamber choir’s’ rendition of Somebody To Love by Queen and Choral choir’s cover of Like I’m Going to Lose You by Meghan Trainor.

This concert was also the last performance for the many senior members of the program. Ilyssa Brunhild, a 4 year member and president of the Choir Board, reflects on her years in choir by simply saying, “The choir department has provided me with a home away from home.”

The concert ended with all the senior members dressed in their college apparel singing a rendition of Seasons Of Love. There were many tears and smiles as the night closed and memories were made.