High School Hoax?

Principal Watson featured in fake Twitter direct message


Lauryn Azu

A  far-fetched tweet created by a recent WBHS graduate swept student Twitter feeds this Tuesday morning. Pictured above, the direct message displayed that Watson said if the tweet received 2,000 retweets, that school would end 3 days early. Of course, ending school early would raise all types of problems relating to the finals schedule, Michigan laws, and parent concern. According to a text from Watson featured on Laker Update, the alleged direct message is a hoax. The WBHS graduate whose tweet it was probably Photoshopped the message so it appeared to be from Watson, in order to get more likes on his Twitter page. As hard as it is to withstand the final days of school, this event shows Lakers that we shouldn’t resort to social media buzz to get us out of our responsibilities as students.