WBHS Students Missing Summer


Sarah Durack and Madelyn Chau

On a grueling third day of school, students of West Bloomfield High School are already feeling withdrawals from their summer activities. For these students, summertime has ended, but the memories will last forever! Reporters Sarah Durack and Madelyn Chau took the time to ask a couple students to share their favorite memories from the summer of 2017.

Blake Rubenstein, senior,  had the chance to reminisce in his exciting trip to New York City. “I got to walk around with my sister and we got lost a few times. It was really cool and we went to a wedding that lasted like an hour and a half,” Rubenstein said.

Other students such as Ava Barnthouse, senior,  had the chance to have some mother-daughter bonding time. “My favorite thing I did this summer was I went on a little vacation with my mama. We went to a nice hotel where we got massages and spa treatments,” Barnthouse said.

Unfortunately the summer is over and students are no longer able to spend time in the sun or have exciting trips with their families, but the coming school year provides the opportunity to create many more memories with friends.