WB Bands hosts annual MCBA Field Day


WBHS Marching Band receives feedback from judges at MCBA field day.

Lauryn Azu and Janelle Karana

West Bloomfield Bands hosted  the Michigan Competing Band Association (MCBA) Field Day this Saturday, September 9 at the newly renovated football stadium to perform this year’s show, titled “Spotlight.” Fellow MCBA Flight I Bands from  South Lyon, Linden, Clio, Livonia Franklin, Lakeland, and Marysville performed throughout the day, in order to practice their shows and receive feedback from MCBA judges before the marching band season picks up.

Each band at the event was allocated a minimum of 30 minutes to perform. During this time, the bands  performed their shows , and also divided into groups and met with judges to reset and perform again after some brief feedback

Field Day is important to avid band members because, “it is a chance to perform the show without the pressure of being scored and you get comments from the judges so you get to do it again and hopefully improve it, just a little bit,” said battery co-section leader Abbey Karow, senior.

“Your director always says that you don’t get two tries at a competition, but this is the only competition where you do get two tries and so new members get to see that this is how you act at a competition,” continued flute section leader Gia Evans, senior.

Field day is also vital because it shows members new to marching band a taste of the high intensity performance environment.  “It gets us in the mindset of what we need to do to move what we need to get ready, how we have to move . . . so it’s good for our section to put things together and see how it’s gonna work for the bigger season when you have to do things fast,” said front ensemble section leader Clark Floer, junior.

With their competition mindset in place, hopefully over the coming weeks WB Marching Band to give each performance their all. Their next performance will be the Bands of America Regional in Toledo, Ohio on September 23.

Check out the gallery below for photos and video clips from West Bloomfield Marching Band’s show at Field Day.