Introducing Flexible Furniture at WBHS

Chemistry teacher Mrs. Mervet Ismail is one of the first teachers to have flexible furniture at WBHS


The new flexible furniture of Mrs. Ismail’s classroom.

Deepa Jha

Anyone who walks into Honors and AP Chemistry teacher Mrs. Mervet Ismail’s classroom can immediately see that something is different. In her room, you can find new desks that can rotate, have adjustable seats, and can move freely around the room.

The desks were received as a part of a the Flexible Furniture Program that was included in the recently passed bond that will provide all kinds of upgrades and changes to classrooms across the district. The furniture upgrades come in an effort to create a more modern classroom with more flexible learning environment for students of the 21st century. The furniture upgrades will be selected based on what will promote a more creative classroom layout that will result in multiple modes of instruction, collaboration, and flexible seating.

Along with student desks, the district also received 30 standing desks for administrators. ACS got one desk. Roosevelt Elementary, Scotch Elementary, and Sheiko Elementary each got three desks. Abbott Middle School and Orchard Lake Middle School both got five desks. West Bloomfield High School got the most desks, with ten. Perhaps you have seen our administrators, such as Mr. Watson or Mrs. Larkin, easing through the halls of WBHS with their complete workspace alongside them. 

Each school has designated classrooms to try out the new furniture. Mrs.Ismail’s classroom was one of the first classes to receive the furniture. “It really facilitates movement between teacher lecture and student-focused group work and informal presentations all around the room. To transition from one thing to another took way too long with the heavy, bulky immobile desks. So, I avoided any movement. Now the learning is happening so much more between groups of students,” said Mrs. Ismail.

Despite the typical concerns that come from too much horseplay with rolling chairs, Mrs. Ismail’s students have proven to be more focused and centered. So far, Ismail says they have been able to stay in one place and follow the rules of classroom etiquette.

Principal Watson has said that by the end of next summer, all of the rooms will receive new furniture. So, don’t worry if your teacher doesn’t have these cool additions in their classroom yet because odds are, you’ll see them soon enough.