First annual alumni tailgate to take place at WBHS Homecoming


Madelyn Chau

It is Homecoming week, which comes with many events and celebrations for students, faculty and the greater West Bloomfield community to partake in.  This year WBHS is introducing the very first Homecoming tailgate specifically for WBHS alumni, that will take place on Friday, October 6, inviting graduates to return to WBHS and mingle with their former teachers and old friends.

Spectrum interviewed Mrs. Sepetys, head of WBHS Leadership, to get further information on the background of the Alumni Homecoming Tailgate.

According to Mrs. Sepetys, “The Alumni Tailgate is a way of encouraging graduates of WBHS to come to the high school for homecoming festivities. The purpose behind Homecoming events was to bring back graduates to the school, so we wanted to create an event to encourage alumni to tour the high school to enjoy the barbeque, to watch the parade, and to view the football game.”

This is a particularly unique gathering amidst Homecoming week because it involves those which have moved on from the school and brings them back home for a chance to relive old memories. It is a time of joyful reunion, and although it is being held specifically for alumni of WBHS, all are invited, allowing for the intermixing of many different generations.

The festivities for WBHS alumni include the tailgate, a tour of WBHS, an alumni-only parade, the official Homecoming parade,  and the Homecoming football game against Troy Athens.

While there are new additions to WBHS every year, staff and students alike, the high school hopes to see old faces return to the Swamp. After all, high school is not just four years of passing through. It is a period of tremendous growth and life, and the alumni tailgate invites everyone to celebrate.