Annual Mr. WB Contest Takes Place at WBHS


Courtesy of Assistant Principal Ashleigh Larkin @LarkinWBAP on Twitter

Jo Fograssi and Deepa Jha

          Throughout the years, TV has given us shows like “Honey Boo Boo”, “Toddlers and Tiaras”, and “Miss America.” What do all of these shows all have in common? Beauty pageants!

          On Wednesday, October 4, West Bloomfield High School held their annual Mr. WB Beauty pageant. There’s one thing that’s out of the ordinary with this pageant, instead of girls, boys compete for the title.

          The boys who competed were Nick Seidel, Jamar Ross, Adam Ben-Moche, Lance Limbo, Nick O’Shea, Nate Elam, Limani Laster, Lewis Bingham, Nickon Katabai, Collin Pintamo, and Chase Swoope. The boy who won was Adam Ben-Moche.

          Ronnie Davis, last year’s winner, was the host of the night. Along with Ronnie Davis, Mrs. Liza Zanotti, Mr. Timothy Fox, Mrs. Kelli Danton, Ms. Brooke Buffmyer, and Mrs. Ashleigh Larkin. The night had 4 portions: formal wear, a talent show, questions, talking about future professions, and a lip-sync battle.

          “I came in here today, telling everyone sorry, you’re all losers” commented the winner, Adam Ben-Moche. He was right.