Happy Homecoming: Students celebrate “WB in the D”


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Newman of @OakEarlyCollege on Twitter.

Christina Stevenson and Janelle Karana

The Homecoming dance is one of the many exciting events at the start of the school year. Hopefully you didn’t miss out on the extravagant and fun dance! This year’s dance, themed “WB in the D”, was a good time for music, lights, pictures and hanging out with friends, or even bringing someone special along. 

The Detroit-themed dance featured decorations depicting the sights and sports of Detroit, and iced treats from the Detroit Water Ice Factory were for sale during the dance.

Hear from some of your peers talking about the great time they had at this year’s homecoming.

“Seeing everyone dressed up, it was really cute, everyone looked so good,” said Rickel Williams, junior, when we asked her what her favorite part was. “I went to a few after parties and had fun. I stopped by two.”

“My favorite part of the dance was the music and the environment, it was pretty fun. Before the dance I went out to eat with a group of people”, said Christian Robinson, sophomore.

“The decorations looked really nice, looked like it had a lot of thought put into it.  Music was pretty good. I liked the DJ” says Cole Sucher, senior. 

Homecoming at WBHS is a marvelous occasion that many students look forward to every year; especially if it is their very first one. This year’s dance was definitely a hit amongst students, with a record number of ticket sales, proving that Homecoming fun at WBHS is here to stay.