Prism Concert to be held this Wednesday


Fine arts students at WBHS rehearse for the annual Prism Concert to take place this Wednesday night. Photo courtesy of choral director Ms. Sheryl Hauk @hauksheryl on Twitter.

Sarah Durack

The Prism Concert is the annual concert that celebrates all the choirs, bands, and orchestras at West Bloomfield High School. It will be held in the WBHS auditorium on Wednesday, October 17 and all students and their families are invited. Every section gets its own chance to perform, and at the end they all come will together for a finale. It is called “Prism” because sound comes from all around and bounces across the auditorium, like a prism. It allows fine arts of different talents and versatility to work together to create beautiful music. “It’s my favorite concert of the year, it is so much fun and I love working with all the different music groups,” said senior choir student Grace Trivax.  The Prism Concert is a great experience, so come out and see WBHS students come together and express themselves through the music.