Inspirational speaker Mike Smith to speak at U-Matter Week

Deepa Jha

As students anxiously await the fun events of the year’s U-Matter Week, many are wondering who the guest speaker is. The only information that most know currently is that the guest speaker is Mike Smith.

The assembly will take place on Tuesday, November 7. But who is Mike Smith? He is a nationally known motivational speaker who goes around to schools and other events to help students try and be better human beings.

With a featured article in Forbes, he seems like a pretty big deal. “He is known throughout the country and we are very lucky to have him, we didn’t think we would get him to come here,” Adam Ben-Moche, senior, commented. Ben-Moche is one of the co-ordinators for the events of U-Matter Week.

Smith has also been an ambassador for companies like Red Bull, Toyota, Vans, and State Farm. Through his ambassador work, he has interacted with tens of millions of youth, trying to inspire them to get their own businesses up and running.

Some of the things he talks about are leadership, the changing culture and climate, and pursuing one’s passions. He is the living embodiment of leadership and passion with four companies, his non-profit organization that helps the youth, and his book titled Legacy vs Likes. The book challenges youth and adults alike to look at their own life to see what they can do to improve themselves and the world around them.

West Bloomfield High School will excitedly welcome him into our school, hoping he can do for us, what he has done for many.