Fans Anticipate Eminem’s New Album


Eminem, the Detroit-based rap legend, has announced the release of his ninth album titled Revival. It will be his first album since The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which was released four years ago in 2013. Revival will be the third and final in a three-album series, the first being Relapse (2009), and the second being Recovery (2010).

The “Lose Yourself” rapper is known for living out of the spotlight. However, Eminem has been coming out of his shell in the past year. He released a single titled “Campaign Speech” in October of last year. In the song, he criticized then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling him a “misfit, blond and nitwit” and saying that he “shouts(s) derogatives… like… missile launches.” Then, on October 10, he released another diss track on President Trump, which he titled “The Storm.” It was released for the annual BET Hip-Hop Awards, and has since gained thirty-nine-million views on Youtube. Eminem made an appearance at a Detroit Pistons game on October 19, where he shouted on the big-screen, “Make some noise for the Detroit Pistons. Let’s go!” Most recently, he released a single from Revival, which he titled “Walk on Water.” It featured vocals from the Grammy-winner Beyoncé, who sang the chorus. The song was met with mixed reviews, despite gaining twenty-three-million hits on Youtube in only six days. The lyrics described his insecurity about rapping, and how he doesn’t think he can meet his fans’ expectations. Is there a chance that the self-proclaimed “Rap God” has lost his edge?

Rumors speculated that Revival was going to be released on November 17. They originated from a fake pharmaceutical advertisement that Eminem ran in promotion for his new album. The advertisements were for a drug called “Revival,” with the “E” backwards, just like Eminem’s logo. It even had its own website, The site included several easter eggs to Eminem’s songs, telling users to “seize the moment,” which is a lyric from Eminem’s song, “Sing for the Moment.” It also claimed that the drug helped those suffering from “brain damage,” which is the title of another Eminem song. The website says that print advertisements for “Revival” end on November 17, which led fans to believe that this was the album’s release date. Unfortunately, the day came and went, with no album from Eminem. This resulted in a major Twitter uproar from fans.

Tweet courtesy of Troy Dillard on Twitter.

Eminem appeared as the musical guest on “Saturday Night Live” this past Saturday, while Chance the Rapper hosted. It was Eminem’s seventh appearance on the show. He performed his new single, “Walk on Water,” along with “Stan” and “Love the Way You Lie.”

Many talented people have contributed to Revival. It was produced by Skylar Grey and Rick Rubin, who have both worked with Eminem before on his 2013 hit, “Bezerk,” and “Love the Way You Lie,” respectively. Dr. Dre was the album’s executive producer, a role he has player for all of Eminem’s albums. Revival is also expected to contain a collaboration with 2 Chainz, who will be working with Eminem for the very first time. 2 Chainz stated in an interview that Eminem “…didn’t want to talk about nothing but rapping.” Obviously, Eminem is has worked very hard on Revival.

Students of West Bloomfield High School are undoubtedly excited for the new album, what with Eminem growing up and residing so near to our community. Sophomore Alex Aisner said that Revival “finna be fire.” Clearly, there is a tremendous amount of pride in the hearts of all Detroiters for Eminem and his success. Be sure to buy Revival to support your city!