WBHS ICenter to be remodeled


WBHS Technology Specialist Mrs. Julie Abeska in the Center.

Jo Fogarasi

As students return from Thanksgiving break on Monday, November 27, they should expect to see a few changes regarding the iCenter. Firstly, all of the existing iCenter furniture is expected to be taken out during the first two days. On Wednesday and Thursday, the ICenter is planning to get new furniture, followed by Friday, which will be used for adjustments and improvements. The windows will be papered so students won’t be able to see anything, and there is a planned reveal the Monday after next week. This is not set in stone quite yet, as the school has been planning to do this for awhile now, but has not been able due to problems regarding shipping.

Because of the remodeling, the ICenter will be closed for the entire week, but a computer lab is expected to be open in the front of the school for emergency printing before school and during lunch. When the ICenter is completed, students will be able to wirelessly print with a district device, and all of the computers in the ICenter will be replaced with laptops in order to make room for new furniture.