WBHS iCenter Renovated to Meet Student’s Needs


Eitan Shere and Jo Fogarasi

Self-driving cars. Holograms. Virtual reality. The future is here, and it’s only getting better. With technology advancing exponentially, people are eager to get a look at what’s to come. The answer can be found in West Bloomfield High School’s new and improved iCenter.

After being remodeled for a week, the iCenter was finally unveiled to the student body on Monday. It is designed to provide students with a collaborative environment where they can work, socialize, and much more. This is accomplished by the iCenter’s variety of tools and workspaces that are designed to fit each person’s individual needs. Do you like to get out some energy during school? The iCenter is equipped with cycle bikes, allowing students to exercise while they work. How about people who like to work with their friends? With the iCenter’s new flexible furniture, they can create any desk formation that suits their needs. This also helps the custodial staff to move the furniture easily when preparing the room for meetings or yoga sessions. The iCenter also contains a Playstation for students to play video games on. However, this will be allowed only during lunchtime. The games are all multiplayer, so many people can play together. The gaming area is already one of the iCenter’s most popular spots. As a matter of fact, it has managed to attract a crowd every day this week so far.

If teachers want to get their students out of the classrooms, they can now take them to the Collaboration Station; the Collaboration Station is a new addition to the iCenter which can fit an entire class of students. It contains monitors that people can cast their electronic devices onto, which allows classes to see movies or web pages on the big screen. Other additions include soft seating, and quiet space in the back for working on high-top tables.

One surprising new addition in the iCenter is wireless printing. This means that all of the old desktop computers were taken out, and instead students will have to use school-issued Chromebooks in the iCenter in order to print.  

“I think it’s great what’s going on with the iCenter,” said Principal Watson about the new changes. “There is a lot more to come. Just remember, change paves the way for the revolution that is coming.”

Mrs. Abeska is very fond of the new and improved iCenter. On its opening day, she said: “The best part of today has been when I stand back and watch everyone in this new environment, every student goes to a different place in the iCenter. They go to the place that speaks to them the most.”

Many in the student body and faculty alike are excited to see the changes the iCenter has yet to bring. Thanks to the funds from the new bond, the future looks bright here at West Bloomfield High School.