WBHS Robotics Gears Up for FIRST

WBHS Robotics Gears Up for FIRST

Madelyn Chau

After a successful season competing in the Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) series this fall, the robotics club continues on to their next season in the winter and spring. Veterans are looking up to another great season and hope to build an exemplary robot to compete in the FIRST competitions. New hands have been recruited, which will bring fresh ideas to the team.

Salice Brown, junior, spoke on what has been going on in the robotics club lately. “Last week we had our 2017 Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association banquet and that wrapped the season up. We performed better than last year and we got an award that recognized our progression throughout the season. This month we’re hosting several workshops to prepare slash improve our members’ skillset for our upcoming first robotics season in January.”

According to Brown, the team’s goal for the upcoming FIRST season is to, “hopefully get new mentors and be more successful than we were last year. Last year we were district finalists, and this year we want to go to states.”

Having had an amazing OCCRA season, things are looking up for the Robotics team for this new season. They have high goals, and are working hard towards making FIRST a success.