WBEF Presents Grants to Teachers


Deepa Jha and Jo Fogarasi

New year, new things! As West Bloomfield High School heads into 2018, teachers were excited to receive grants for various supplies and programs.

In total, the district was awarded $22, 445 from the WBEF (West Bloomfield Education Foundation). WBHS was awarded 8 grants. A grant worth $1, 500 was given to the robotics team and a $5,000 was given to the school to fund the solar array project. The other 6 grants were given to teachers for projects and materials.

“Scientific calculators are important to the learning environment because it gets students ready for when they need them for college or math. I’m really excited to receive the grant and use the calculators,” said science teacher Mr. Mark Smith. He, Ms. Brooke Buffmyer, and Ms. Danielle Cappello all received a grant to buy scientific calculators for their classes.

Mrs. Julie Asbeska, one of the leading ladies behind the renovation of the ICenter, also received a grant.  According to Abeska, the grant is for Breakout EDU boxes for the ICenter.  Breakout EDU boxes are almost like mini escape rooms that can be themed the topic you are learning in class. The boxes include clues in order to get to the final box. This is a fun and creative way that students can be evaluated on the things they have learned in class.

Some other grants were received by the lower schools. These included GoPros for digital learning at Abbott Middle School, an online reading program at Roosevelt Elementary School, and Virtual Reality devices used for taking field trips around the world which were given to Oakland Early College.

The new materials and programs will definitely help students have a better experience in the classroom and hopefully advance their learning. If you have any questions on the new changes contact us or the teachers who received the grants!!