Varsity Cheer is Jumping for Joy for Ride to Districts


Photo courtesy of @WBVarsityCheer on Twitter.

Deepa Jha

Oftentimes, the ladies on the sidelines cheering for our sports teams are taken for granted. But as of Saturday, February 10, the Varsity Cheer team at West Bloomfield High School qualified for their Districts competition, and need us to cheer for them!

The meet was held at Lakeland High School and six total teams competed. West Bloomfield won first in the entire competition, earning 703.18 points for their routine. 

This season for the Laker cheer team was obviously a success as the team has now qualified for Districts. “We were so excited to win! It felt like all of our work finally paid off,” said Kendra Williams, a sophomore on the team.

Competitive cheer often gets degraded since many believe it isn’t technically a sport. The advancement of WB Varsity Cheer into Districts seems to be just the opposite of this opinion.

“This proves them wrong because we work just as hard as the other sports, and we finally got to give a sneak peak of what West Bloomfield’s cheer team is made of. I look forward to showing all our hard work, and proving to everyone that our team is worth coming to see and cheer on at districts,” Williams further explained.

After Districts, West Bloomfield can advance to Regionals, then Nationals. If the team advances to Regionals, it will be held at Brighton High School at 12 p.m. on February 24. Districts will prove to be an exciting competition for the team. The upcoming competition is set to happen on February 17, at Novi High School, at 11 a.m. Come cheer on your competitive cheer team!!