Interview with a Would-Be Criminal

Tim Webster

WB Spectrum reporters had the unique opportunity to interview an Oakland County resident who would have committed a mass shooting, but whose mind was changed at the last moment.


Currently in custody, Samuel Ide agreed to speak with us about his incredible change of heart. “It was really down to the last second. I was sure I was gonna do it.”


Ide is referring to the incident during which he approached a hospital in Oakland County with a fully automatic AR-15 (assault rifle 15) with a silencer.


“I was about to enter when I saw a sign.”


That sign read ‘Gun Free Zone’.


“I don’t know what came over me. I was fully prepared to commit so many felonies that I’d be in maximum security for the rest of my life and then some. But seeing that sign changed something in me… It’s like all of the severe mental illnesses that compelled me to plan this were cured, as if any motivation I had to kill was wiped away.”


We talked to the owner of the hospital (who will remain anonymous). She put up the sign last October in the wake of the shooting in Las Vegas.


“I had hoped the sign would deter anyone from hurting people. Everyone knows the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is the guarantee that there will be no good guys with guns.”


We asked her what she thinks should be done to stop these mass killings.


“Well,” she replied. “The motto of this hospital is ‘Treating the symptoms and not the illness’ and I think that would be a great way to approach this issue. We should make sure fewer people have guns in the hopes that criminals will have no way to acquire them legally. It’s obvious that no criminal would ever break the law in order to get a gun. That would be ridiculous!”


She went on to mock people who suggest allocating more funding toward mental health detection and treatment.


“As a proud liberal, I am very strongly against using more government funds than necessary, especially when conservatives want to get something done.”


This article was an original piece written by Tim Webster. The views represented here do not necessarily represent the views of Spectrum News Website and Magazine.