WBHS Students Set for Spring Break


Madelyn Chau

With the beginning of March comes the beginning of spring, and West Bloomfield High School students are looking forward to trudging out of muddy paths and stepping into its sunlit atmosphere. After the first snowfall in November, this past winter has stretched over a seemingly endless series of months, causing students to be overcome with joy at the sight of the emerging sun.

While it may have seemed long ago, Mid-Winter Break was only one month past, granting West Bloomfield students three days off. Yet, students (and teachers) are clamoring for more days off and are extremely eager for Spring Break to arrive in a week! This year, Spring Break for the West Bloomfield School District starts officially on March 30, and the wait is worth it, because it will span over a ten-day period.

Gaby Groysman, a sophomore, voiced her thoughts on break. “I went to Israel for Mid-Winter Break and it was amazing and beautiful! I am excited to go to New York for Spring Break!” Bhargavi Kurakula, junior, said, “I’m excited for the warm weather.” Diana Hanko, sophomore, said, “I am excited to not have school and am planning on playing soccer and tennis over break.” Alisha Sangvhi, freshman, said she is excited “to see and spend time with family. Also to not be doing school work.” Autumn Rabotnick, sophomore, said, “I look forward to down time and being able to rest and de-stress.” Marissa Stone, senior, said she is looking forward to “being stress-free and having fun with a lot of my good friends.”

Whether they are eager to travel, engage in outdoor activities, or simply just have some downtime, it looks like West Bloomfield High School students are ready for Spring Break. Comment below to tell Spectrum about your plans over break!