WBHS ICenter temporarily closing

WBHS ICenter scheduled to shut down for the remainder of the school year on April 23


WBHS Technology Specialist Mrs. Julie Abeska in the Center.

Jo Fogarasi and

The WBHS Icenter will be closed for the remainder of the year beginning the week of April 23,  due to the start of construction. Although there were just changes made with furniture, there will be new additions such as: new carpet, paint, lighting, study rooms, a circulation desk, a project lab, and a living library. The ICenter will need to be closed early, in order to gut, renovate, and enlarge by the beginning of next school year. Despite the excitement, a lot of students have seemed to show concern for the temporary closing, and they are not really sure what to do.

Junior Cole Cassar says ,“I personally use the ICenter for a lot of class and homework, and I think that it being closed is going to be very hard, but I am looking forward to seeing the new changes next year.”

Dog-lover and junior Andrew Schaeffler says he “loves the ICenter” and is going to “miss Noodle.”

Social Studies teacher Ms. Strobridge says, “ I love the opportunity to take my students there, so they can have a place to collaborate with each other, and I’m sad that I won’t be able to bring my classes there for the rest of the year but I understand why, and I can’t wait to see it renovated.”

There will be a printer that will be relocated to the hallway outside the Apple Island room across from the locker rooms as well as a Chromebook cart, for anyone who needs to print. Chris the tech support specialist, will be at the printer in the morning to help students with any problems or concerns.

Mrs. Abeska says, “It is so exciting to have new construction going on in the ICenter and we are looking forward to all of the amazing renovations. However, this will be difficult for staff and students alike because the ICenter will be closed for the last seven weeks of school. We hope to make it as smooth a transition as possible.”

Make sure to say goodbye to Noodle before April 23, and contact us if you have any questions!