Which Class is Right for You?

Spectrum asks four students which classes they recommend others to take.


Janelle Karana

To help out students decide on what classes they want to take next year, one student from each grade was asked on what classes they would recommend. This should help students debating on a class or if they are unsure on it. This was the feedback from each student.

“I recommend taking classes that are not too hard. You should not overestimate yourself because if a class is too hard you don’t want to risk failing. Like for language art classes, those could be hard for some people so I wouldn’t recommend overshooting if you are unsure,” said Zuriel Johnson, freshman.

“I would recommend French class because it was a really fun experience both years I’ve been in it. There’s always something new and there is always the French trip next year. I also enjoy 2D art foundations because I made a lot of friends in that class and it’s really diverse with different grade levels. I met freshmen and seniors and juniors and it’s really cool because you aren’t just restricted to your own grade. And I personally liked debate class even though there’s a lot of essay writing, there is still a bunch of diversity and you can get on debate team as well, so debating itself is fun,” said AJ Duncan, sophomore.

 “I guess it depends on what field you want to go into, like if you want to go into more of a science field, then by your junior year you should have already taken classes like honors chemistry, honors physics, AP biology, and stuff like that. And by your senior year, you can take more stuff like AP physics and it goes for all the other core classes as well. I would say that in your sophomore and junior year you should do summer electives unless you want to leave your easier classes for senior year so that your last year isn’t so hard because that’s when most people are taking their AP classes, so you might want more electives to balance it out,” said, Hunter Petz, junior.

“I would recommend literature, I don’t know about AP, that depends on you. There might be one solely for underclassmen next year. But if there is I would say you have to be really committed to it so if you’re a slacker then it really isn’t for you. AP biology is another really good one, I love it. I also like physics,” said Christopher Hill, senior

These quotes may give you an idea on what classes you want to take, and if you had a problem deciding between classes, this will help you out. If you are indecisive or unsure about  class, ask some grades above you because chances are, someone else already took that class.