Is Michigan Okay?


Jo Fogarasi

The beginning of spring has come and passed as we hit the first month mark on Friday April 20. To much surprise, Michigan is still far behind in the game, and due to this we have experienced some malfunctions. Last week, Michigan’s temperatures ranged from mid twenties to 74 degrees. Snow, rain, wind, and sunshine were all present last week, but that’s nothing compared to Sunday’s freezing rain storm. Due to the storm, a tree actually ended up falling on a powerline near the high school, causing it to be closed on Monday, April 16.

Despite the freezing weather, Michiganders should look forward to temperatures warming up during the weekend, and all next week. Senior, Grace Trivax says, “I love not knowing whether or not to wear a sweater or shorts to school. Michigan’s weather is such a fun surprise!” Keep in mind, with a state like this, you never know what can happen next. Have a great week soaking up the sun, or whatever Michigan decides to throw at us next.