Spring testing at WBHS

Spring testing at WBHS

Janelle Karana

The testing that takes place in high school has come. Every year students must take a standardized test. The tests are mainly used for colleges to see. Freshmen and sophomores usually take the PSAT, while juniors take the ACT. The SAT focuses on three core subjects: Reading, writing, and mathematics. The ACT focuses on 5 core subjects: English, Reading, Math, Science, and writing, which is optional.

“When I first heard that we had to take the PSAT, I was really scared and nervous that I wouldn’t do good or I wouldn’t complete the test but when it actually happened it was a lot easier than I thought and it really wasn’t that hard. I think I’ll be ready for the SAT now,” said freshman Mariana Stavropoulous.

Many students were pleased that the test was surprisingly easy. “They were a bit over-hyped, I feel like if you practice before before taking it, take a lot of practice tests, and study beforehand, you’ll be fine,”  said Abdullah Khan, junior.

After finishing up testing, the students were able to enjoy 2 half days while the seniors had them off. The high schooler’s were able to kick back and relax after having to study for these essential exams.