Fortnite’s Meteor Mystery Solved


Eitan Shere

Fortnite, the sandbox survival game, has taken the world of gaming by storm. By the beginning of February, 2018, roughly 3.4 million people were playing at the same time. So when odd changes began popping up on the game’s map, fans took notice.

For months, a small light has been visible in the sky. Over time, it has grown bigger and brighter, leading the Fortnite fanbase to believe a meteor is hurtling through the sky. The “meteor” is positioned directly above the Tilted Towers, which led fans to speculate that the popular location was destined to meet its end.

The game’s creators have left many easter eggs, including telescopes pointed towards the meteor and a Morse code message hidden in controller vibrations; the message translated to “SOSD5419.” Fans quickly deciphered the cryptic code. “SOS” is a popular distress signal, “D5” is the position of the Tilted Towers on the map grid, and “418” was believed to mean April 14. However, April 14 came and went, and the meteor did not crash. Something else happened that day.

Instead of the highly-anticipated meteor crash, players witnessed the appearance of multiple additional, smaller meteors in the sky. The original, larger meteor was still present, along with the ultimate easter egg: when players focused on the meteor, it gave off a loud sound. At first, the sound puzzled fans, but eventually, the mystery was solved. When put through a spectrogram (a visual representation of the intensity of different noise frequencies), the sound produced the following image:

The image depicts stills from the “L-Dance,” which is an in-game emote used for taunting other players. Clearly, Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite, has been pulling an elaborate prank on its fans this whole time. Maybe video games shouldn’t be taken so seriously in the future.