No More Murals! All Senior Murals to be destroyed during WBHS remodeling


Lauryn Azu

Take your pictures and savor your memories now of the senior murals before it’s too late! This coming summer, as construction goes underway here at WBHS all senior murals will be painted over and destroyed, according to Principal Watson. For this reason, all graduating classes from 2018 onwards will have no senior mural.

Reactions to the stunning revelation haven’t been pleasant. Many seniors are disappointed and saddened that they cannot partake in a tradition almost as old as the building itself. “I think that’s outrageous because all the other classes before us have gotten one. I don’t think it’s fair that the opportunity is being taken away from us when it’s something pretty important for a class,” said Kasper Zemajatis, senior.

As sad as it is to discover that the Class of 2018 will not to paint their own senior mural, this doesn’t mean that we cannot leave something behind to the school that marks our class in a unique way. After all, there are other ways to commemorate a class at WBHS without painting over an entire section of a hallway. For example, the Class of 2015 left behind the fireplace in the ICenter. “Maybe we could write something and have a tile placed because that wouldn’t be damaged by rain or snow or anything,” suggested Shayla Salisbury, senior.

Whatever ends up happening in regards to commemorating the graduating Class of 2018, our collective memory of our time spent at WBHS can never be lost. Check out the gallery below of remaining senior murals at WBHS, before they are all painted over this summer.