First Day Freshman Advice


Tre Briscoe

It’s the start of a new year at West Bloomfield High School, and seniors are getting ready for their final year. I asked a few upperclassmen for any words of wisdom for the incoming freshman. Senior Jacob Brand (pictured below) offered that freshman should befriend upperclassmen, saying that “you may be surprised but we don’t bite.” Building relationships with upperclassmen has personally become one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. It allows you to become more comfortable, and break out of your shell easier!

Kentin Allen (pictured below), a senior, says to “keep up with your homework and your books. Study and do not wait until right before the test”. Studying is one of the most important things in high school, and it is also one of the most underrated parts of preparation. Whether it’s a standardized test or a vocabulary quiz, studying ahead of time will always lead you to the path of success.


Conrado Gomez, a junior, (pictured below) says to ”stay in line, don’t skip, don’t be where you aren’t supposed to be, and don’t put yourself in situations that can get you in trouble.” Similar to Conrado, senior Evan Sanders keeps it simple, commenting to “not get in trouble.” It is of utmost importance that freshman refrain from causing trouble this year (or any year for that matter). Getting in trouble goes on your permanent record, and can prevent you from partaking in future opportunities, such as NHS.


Senior Jayme Starr (pictured below) says “don’t get lost.” As simple as this advice is, it’s nearly impossible to come here as a freshman without getting lost. Going back to what Jacob Brand said, we’re friendly. If you need help finding a class, don’t be afraid to ask!

To wrap things up with my own advice, just try your best. Don’t be afraid to fail because failing is the first step to success!