First Day Jitters

First Day Jitters

Ilana Schwartz


As September 4th rolled around, most students were not thrilled over the start of a new school year. The students here were getting a sneak peak into the rest of the year, with the first day of school. Whether that be their first last day, or their first day ever, everybody had different experiences.

Alexander Luca, a senior here at WBHS was very indifferent about his first day of school. His last first day of school was only “decent” due to the fact that he had to “find all his classes”. Also, since his senior year is in full swing, he is most excited to graduate. This summer, he was able to put time aside to work.  

In contrast, Ahmed Fadel, a junior, was very enthusiastic about his first day. He “met a lot of new people and liked all of his teachers”. In addition, he is very excited for the new opportunities this school year will bring him, along with getting “good grades to help him pick colleges”. This summer, he was able to balance having fun with his friends while getting his summer homework done.


The last student Spectrum surveyed, was Donna Proctor, another junior. Her first day of school was “pretty good”. She liked all of her classes and teachers. As a junior, you start thinking about colleges. Since she is planning to attend a college, she is most excited for finding her perfect school and figuring out what she would like to do when she is older. One fun thing she did this summer was she went on a tall zipline in Ohio.

Overall, each student had their own personal experiences with the new school year starting. Most students were upset with the closing of their summer, but are optimistic about the new year.