Spotlight On: YazTV


Courtesy of YazTV

Ashley Allen and Ilana Schwartz

Youtube started off as a simple platform to share videos nationwide. Now, people all over the world are turning it into a career. With limited age requirements, some people are starting to upload by the age of 13.

Newly founded YouTuber, YazTV, has a subscriber count of approximately 155,000. Not only is she a Youtuber, but she’s a full time junior here at West Bloomfield High School.

Courtesy of YazTV

Yasmin Quarker started her YouTube journey on July 19th, 2017. It wasn’t until the summer of 2018 when she noticed a big jump in her subscriber count and became a monetized YouTuber. She gained over 130,000 subscribers in just 3 months. When coming back to school, she was still gaining subscribers- which made her  junior year even harder.

It’s well known that junior year is a stressful year for high schoolers, especially with balancing the SAT, ACT and AP tests. YouTube is a time consuming hobby with editing and filming. During school, Yasmin has a strict schedule for herself. When she first started YouTube, she procrastinated a lot. But coming into this school year, “procrastination doesn’t exist anymore” for her. She explained how she needs to be on top of everything at all times.

Yasmin said that she has been making videos “ever since she was little.” This shows that no matter what your passion is, you can always make something of it. After she started getting more views and subscribers, she realized that she had the power to “inspire others to be more confident in themselves” which ultimately became her main inspiration. Being an influencer in the 21st century is a huge responsibility because young teenagers are idolizing social media participants. They connect with them due to the fact that they’re just like them.

High school youtubers are falling into the career pathway and not going to college at all. Yasmin says she plans on continuing YouTube, because “being an influencer gives you a lot of business opportunities” which is “extra income on top of what Google pays”.  Her dedication to her videos has become more than just hobby, but a lifestyle.