WBHS Earth Club Works for Greener School

WBHS Earth Club Works for Greener School

Ashley Allen

West Bloomfield High School’s Earth Club is starting up again for the 2018-2019 school year! The club held their first meeting in Joshua Barclay’s room on September 13 and was open to everyone.

The club’s main goal, according to the official WBHS Earth Club website, is to “completely power the WBHS science department with solar electricity.” If this goal is achieved, not only will it cut down on pollution, but it would save the school a tremendous amount of money. Earth Club is always reaching for that end goal.

The meeting itself was a training session for any students who wanted to help install solar panels. Students will be on-site helping install and transport the panels in an effort to make the school a more environmentally aware place.

However, this goal won’t be met alone. WBHS students need to work together to make this a reality. On top of the solar fundraising, members also help coordinate the school’s recycling program, help benefit wildlife, and simply discuss the importance of our environment.