What Made You a Reader?

The WBHS Literary Garden Club wants your voice for their next project.


Jo Fogarasi

It’s 7pm, and you’re in bed, cuddled up with your parents, reading your favorite fairy tale for the third time. Or maybe it’s the fourth grade, and you’re sitting at your desk, about to begin the best series you’ve ever read. It could even be Friday night, and you’ve been waiting in line for two hours to see your favorite book be produced on the big screen. Everyone has a favorite childhood book. These books have shaped our lives, from bring an inspiration, to giving us life lessons, and even making us who we are today.

Because childhood books are such a essential, as well as positive part of our life, The WBHS Literary Garden Club wants your help choosing their next plant, based on books you’ve read as a kid. Whether it’s Harry Potter, Junie B. Jones, or even The Magic Treehouse, all students and staff are encouraged to submit any and all ideas soon at @wbhslitgarden on Twitter.

The most voted book will then have it’s own plant placed in the Literary Garden in the near future. While there is no “due date” for ideas, suggest them soon, so your title has a chance at being in the garden.

If you have any questions make sure to dm the Lit Garden on Twitter, Instagram, or email Mrs. McQuillan at [email protected]