WBHS Swim Team Blows Royal Oak Out of Water

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WBHS Swim Team Blows Royal Oak Out of Water

Jasmin Lee, Writer

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The second home meet win in a row from the Lady Lakers Swim and Dive team against Royal Oak occurred on Thursday, September 13th. West Bloomfield has swam against Royal Oak before, but this is the first time they have won a meet against them. Also, since Royal Oak is in the same league, WB is one step closer to becoming League Champions for the Blue Division. The final score was 97-89.

There were many events that the WB girls were able to conquer in order to achieve their win against Royal Oak:


200 Yard Medley Relay

A Relay – Megan Neeley, Mattie Smith, Farrah Moussa, Avelina Valdez  – 1st Place

B Relay – Lauren MacDonald, Avery Campbell, Natalia Luna, Jasmin Lee – 3rd place


200 Yard Freestyle:

Lauren MacDonald – 1st Place – Lauren races to the finish and wins by .31 seconds with a time of 2:12.42

Farrah Moussa – 5th Place


200 Yard IM:

Megan Neeley – 1st Place – Megan stays behind Royal Oak until the last lap, where she wins the event by .21 seconds with a time of 2:24.08. Megan said that “It was nice to race some good competition” as her drive to win the 200 IM for WB.

Avery Campbell – 5th Place


50 Yard Freestyle:
Mattie Smith – 1st Place – 26.31 seconds

Jasmin Lee – 4th Place – 28.29 seconds


Shayne Zieman – 1st Place – 170.25 points

Ashley Krauthamer – 2nd Place – 162.25 points

Alexis Nyquist – 4th Place – 142.50 points


100 Yard Butterfly:

Aveline Valdez – 1st Place – 1:09.00

Jasmin Lee – 4th Place – 1:12.68


100 Yard Freestyle:

Lauren MacDonald – 1st Place – Lauren wins the meet with a time of 1:00.40

Peyton Plyer – 3rd Place – 1:03.68


500 Yard Freestyle:

Thea Patrusca – 3rd Place – 6:31.61

Bhargavi Kurakula – 5th Place – 7:02.75


200 Yard Freestyle Relay:

2nd Place – Jasmin Lee, Thea Patrusca, Natalia Luna, Peyton Plyer – 1:57.89

4th Place – Lydia Costello, Abby Kramer, Alexis Nyquist, Bhargavi Kurakula – 2:15.73


100 Yard Backstroke:

Megan Neeley – 1st Place – 1:06.86

Farrah Moussa – 5th Place – 1:12.31


100 Yard Breaststroke:

Mattie Smith – 1st Place – 1:11.79

Aveline Valdez – 3rd Place – 1:23.64

Natalia Luna – 4th Place – 1:24.60


400 Yard Freestyle Relay:

1st Place – Aveline Valdez, Megan Neeley, Lauren MacDonald, Mattie Smith – 3:58.17

3rd Place – Thea Patrascu, Avery Campbell, Peyton Plyer, Farrah Moussa – 4:18.42


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