Equestrian Team Gallops to 3rd Place

Team members Alana Quirindongo (left) and Aanya Belsare (right)

Team members Alana Quirindongo (left) and Aanya Belsare (right)

Jenna Anderson, Writer

On Saturday, the 15, the coed West Bloomfield Varsity Equestrian Team saddled up for their final meet of the season. After participating in the competition, the seven riders finished 3rd in their division of District 1!

Aanya Belsare, a junior and member of the team, said: “I’m really proud of how the team did and the energy they brought to each event.” Each meet includes many different events such saddleseat, western, hunt seat, jumping, and games which is, “trying to gallop as fast as possible while completing a pattern or doing a relay with another teammate.” The team has to do more than just ride. Every meet has a fitting and showing event which is, “getting judged on how good of a bond you and your horse have and the presentation of your horse in a pattern.”

Since the season has concluded, Belsare is looking ahead. She said, “I’m really excited to see all the new riders that are joining and how much we’ll all improve as a team.”

Congratulations to Aanya Belsare, Gigi Musiol, Alana Quirindongo, Autumn Rabotnick, Gabby Shaw, Shoshana Sprecher, and Captain Sitara Vennapusa!