Marching up to victory

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Marching on up to victory

As the marching band season closes, the students of West Bloomfield High School salute the extraordinary accomplishments of the marching band, especially making it to state competition.

West Bloomfield High School’s marching band is a powerful and creative group of students.  These students join together to learn and express themselves musically and visually.  The marching band is filled with students who represent a musical spectrum, both experienced and new to the world of music. Also involved in the marching band is the Color Guard which expresses themselves through dancing. Togather, the marching band and color guard work together to create an incredible show.  The color guard uses different props in their performances with the marching band; they synchronize their dancing to the music made by the marching band.   Marching band practice starts August 1st 2013, and runs through November 2nd, 2013.  It is a large commitment, but the students involved reap the rewards.

The new students begin two weeks before the rest of the band joins them.  This allows them to learn how the band functions as well as how to use their instruments.   The two directors are Mr. Karl Stein and Mr. Chad Mielens.  Each director brings something unique and valuable to the program.  Parent participation is significant and the Band Association of West Bloomfield helps raise money to support the marching band.  According to Mr. Stein and Mr. Mielens, the money raised from the BBA of West Bloomfield goes to props, show design, staff and other necessities of the marching band.  These students participating in marching band range from all ages and are from grades 8 through 12.  Student Kara Gimby, 9th grade says, “Band helps me become more responsible, the best part od it is the feeling I get after a competition.”

The marching band is involved in many competing and non-competing events. In the summer, the marching band bonds with new and old students at Camp Copneconic for a week.   The marching band plays for all the football games and marches in the West Bloomfield Homecoming parade.  The marching band also hosted an invitational on Saturday 19th, 2013. Though they did not compete, the marching band did participate not only in hosting the event but also in playing.  On the 26th of October ,2013 the West Bloomfield marching band went to Lakeland High school to compete with other schools to qualify for states.  The marching band made West Bloomfield High School proud by completing their mission of going to states.

The marching band is an exciting after school activity the students immensely enjoy.  It provides a place for everyone and allows friends to be made.  New students to the school find marching band as a place where they can fit in and have lots of fun.