New Clubs in Laker Nation

credit to: MI Headlines

credit to: MI Headlines

Ilana Schwartz and Ashley Allen

This school year at West Bloomfield, there are many new clubs available for students to join. There is a club for everyone, you just have to find the perfect one that fits you!

Wanna get connected with the other Jewish students here at West Bloomfield? Join Jewish Club. This club was formed last year, so it is a fairly new club. Kevin Jakeway, the sponsor of the club, commented that students are “are able to experience and learn about Jewish culture”. You will learn about customs, foods, traditions and even more! They meet once a month after school to “cook, play games and interact with each other”. Mr. Jakeway is the sponsor of the club in the winter and springtime. If you want more information on this club, stop by Mr. Jakeway’s room!

Another new club this year was created by Hasnat Ahmed, a junior. It’s targeted towards AP students. It gives time to study for AP exams once a week. Ahmed commented that the club with help with  “curriculum provided by certain teachers in the building, as a way to help improve your AP score”. They will be weekly and held in Mr. Reed’s, room 644. The first meeting is Thursday, September 20th!

In addition to these two clubs, there are many more new clubs you can choose from! Go stop in and talk to the teachers if you want to know more about the club.

  • Sisters in Society- Ms. Marshall, Ms. Firosz, and Ms. Noon
  • National Technical Honor Society- Mr. Muylaert
  • American Sign Language- Ms. Strobridge
  • Minding Your Mind- Ms. Shafran and Mr. Weinrauch
  • Student Tech Team- Mr. Muylaert, Ms. Galang
  • Genes in Diseases and Symptoms- Ms. Zanotti
  • Lipstick Changing Lives- Ms. Montagne