The Great Schedule Debate

Which day should marathons be on?


Parker Semanson, Contributor

Last year, West Bloomfield High School switched marathon days from Monday to Friday. The freshman weren’t the only ones adjusting to a new change of pace, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors also had to get used to a new schedule. When you stick to the same schedule for so long, it feels weird to make a change. It can be almost difficult.

After a year of marathon Fridays, we are switching back to marathon Mondays, because most students prefer them on Mondays. Krishna Raghavan, junior said “I prefer marathon days on Mondays. It allowed me more time to prepare for the week and there was no stress midweek.” It might not seem like it matters all that much, but the schedules of a student’s life has a huge impact on their organization and the way they’ll do their work. To get a better sense on the upperclassmen’s opinions, I created an Instagram poll. Monday was the obvious winner, earning 65% of the votes. Although Monday is the winner, Friday still has some fans (35%). Sydney White, junior states “ I liked when marathon days were on a Friday, because then I didn’t have to worry about 6 classes worth of homework over the weekend.”

The sophomores this year, will be experiencing marathon days on Monday for the first time and they already agree with the majority of the upperclassmen. When seven sophomores were asked which day they preferred, five picked Monday over Friday. Overall, switching back seems like the right choice.