Spooky Entertainment

Parker Semanson, Writer

October is here and as Halloween approaches, we get ready for the festivities. Halloween is a time where people want to be scared. They’ll go to haunted houses and have scary movie marathons. People will take lots of time out of their day to decorate their houses with decorations to make you jump with fright.    

There are more ways than just those to get your dose of fear during the Halloween season. Try picking up a spine chilling book, specifically one of Stephen Kings. He has written countless of unsettling books. I chose to read Pet Sematary, it looked intriguing as the tag of the story is “Sometimes dead is better”. Stephen King writes in the introduction to Pet Sematary , “When asked (as I frequently am) what I consider to be the most frightening book I’ve written, the answer comes easily with no hesitation: Pet Sematary.” Most fans of his tell him that it was The Shining that scared them the most, but he writes “The fearbone, like the funny bone, is located in different places on different people. All I know is that Pet Sematary is the one I put away in a drawer thinking I’ve finally gone too far.”

In my opinion the story wasn’t scary in the sense that it would give you nightmares. It was more creepy and disturbing, but I still couldn’t put it down. Many readers agree, considering 93% of people said they enjoyed it on Goodreads. So, try something new this Halloween season and pick up a haunting read.