Mr. WB

Mr. WB

Ilana Schwartz and Jo Fogarasi

Every year Mr. WB is one of the most anticipated events of spirit week. On Monday, October 4th, students, staff and parents all piled into the auditorium for the 4th annual Mr. WB. Mr. WB is known as a boys pageant for the seniors, all competing to be the school’s “image” boy. It is hosted by Leadership, as it helps kick off spirit week festivities. 10 boys walked the stage, but, only one can be crowned. The night was full of talent, giggles as well as fun!

To kick off the show, we were introduced to the 10 nominees. Rohit Samandar, Jay Rubin, Nolan Beaty, Benji Efros, Drew Haddad, Jeremiah Sanders, Tre Briscoe, Jacob Brand, Albi Lila and Andrew Weiss. They were introduced by Tristan Asher and John Paul Ayer, both juniors who helped plan the event. The 10 contestants showed off their best formal wear at this event, while making the audience and judges fall in love with them at first glance! The judges consisted of Mr Smith, Mrs. Danton, Mrs. Zanotti, Ms. Strobridge and Mr. Landon.

The second category was the talent portion. We saw everything from balancing a meter stick on a nose to stand up comedy to even water bottle flipping! The crowd was in awe at every performance. One of the highlights of this category was Benji’s rendition of Beauty and A Beast, leaving everyone speechless. Ashley Lynch, junior, loved this portion the most. Lynch loved how “people put themselves out there and have fun”, in addition to seeing how “hard everyone worked on their performance”.

The third category was a question and answer. The judges got to pick any question they wanted to ask the contestants, and help form a vote based on the answers. The questions were mostly silly. For example, one question was, “What part of a bike would you want to be and why?” By throwing these questions out there, we were able to see who could think fast on their feet along with who gave the best answers.

The final round was future occupation. The contestants had to dress up as what they would want to pursue as they were older. Most of them were more on the comedic side. One of the highlights of this portion of the show was Nolan Beaty’s McDonald’s worker outfit. He created his own costume and made it humorous for the crowd!

Finally, the audience was able to vote on who they wanted to win. The results were a combination of who the audience voted as well as who the judges have voted for. After everyone casted their votes, the boys all had a dance battle to make the night even better! They playfully tried to out-dance one another, even though votes were already submitted.

The part everyone waited for was now coming. Who would now be crowned Mr. WB 2018? Everybody was on the edge of their seat. With the drum rolls, it was revealed that Benji Efro’s had stolen the judges hearts, even the audience’s too! He had the most energy, as he shined throughout the entire night.

Benji says “It was a tough competition, and congrats to all the boys who participated.”