On-Site Admissions at WBHS

Tre Briscoe and Deepa Jha

Seniors are known for many things: skipping, sleeping in class, and their anticipation for the future. The seniors at West Bloomfield High School got an early start to their future with on-site admissions on Wednesday, October 17.

On-Site admissions are a unique opportunity for seniors who want to have a higher level of education. Colleges like Oakland University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan- Dearborn, and University of Detroit all come to the school for an interview with students. The seniors sign up for appointments in advance and come ready to school for their interviews.

The seniors could have signed up for up to 5 colleges. They provide their test scores to counseling before the interview, as they need the copies. Seniors also had to bring their test scores for each college they went to. Even though the met with the college representatives in person, they also had to apply for the college online and had to meet all of the minimum requirements.

Ryan Fiscus with the colleges he got into.
Credit to: @WBHSCounseling (twitter)

Right after the interview, the representative from the prospective school tells the student whether or not they have been admitted, and if so, if they received any scholarships. This can be a nerve-racking moment for a student. Ryan Fiscus, an interviewee, commented “It was intimidating to walk up to the reps, but once you get to meet them, they’re really nice and assure you that you will get in.”

On-site admissions was a success for a lot of the students. Hopefully, this years juniors are starting to prepare for the importance of senior year.