Mr. Martinez: Where Is He Now?

Mr. Martinez: Where Is He Now?

Jenna Anderson, Writer

Over the 2018 summer vacation, counselor Jeffrey Martinez announced that he would not be returning to West Bloomfield High School in the fall. As a former teacher in the district and a reliable counselor for 10 years, Martinez earned a popular reputation as someone students could trust. Though many were sad to see him go, the overall opinion was clear; students and faculty were happy for Mr. Martinez and supported his venture.

So where is he now?

Mr. Martinez is currently a counselor at Davidson Middle School. He said, “Being a middle school counselor is totally different than being a high school counselor. But at the end of the day, I am working with kids and building relationships, and that is what I love the most.” Mr. Martinez enjoys his new position but still reminisces about West Bloomfield.

“To leave was one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make, but the support I received from administration, teachers, and students was amazing,” He said. “I miss my former colleagues in the counseling office!”

Mr. Martinez can’t forget about the people he impacted the most: the students. His message to them is “Just thank you for everything! The students in WB are truly unique and so accepting of everyone. I am not sure there is another district like it! I miss everyone and if there is ever anything I can do, please let me know.”

Mr. Martinez may be gone but not forgotten. In fact, he plans on visiting WBHS on Friday, November 2 to have lunch in the counseling office. He hopes to catch up with all of his former students and co-workers. Come see him at lunch!