Chamber Choir goes to CMU!


Janelle Karana, Writer

Last Friday, October 19, Chamber Choir from West Bloomfield High School took a bus ride up to Central Michigan University for Vocal Arts Day. This is where students get the chance to meet up with other high schools and colleges to gain further knowledge and feedback. “We get to build on experience and make memories and have fun with other choirs.” Says junior, Eli Ribiat. The students got to perform for others, as well as have others perform for them, each showing off their musical abilities. Each choir performed on the large stage in the CMU campus. The event lasted from 8:30 and ended at 9:30. For lunch, chamber choir ate at the CMU campus cafeteria and for dinner, they ate at an all-you-can-eat buffet. The students were able to enjoy a day of singing and munch on a couple meals as well. The choir sang two songs alone, that they learn and rehearse at school. Additionally, they sang two more songs with the rest of the high school choirs and the CMU choir. Music brought everyone together for vocal arts day and everyone had an extra special time.