Breakfast on the Go

Ashley Allen and Ilana Schwartz

High school students are often up before the sun, with West Bloomfield High School being no exception. Not only are students getting up before six in the morning, but they also spend the entire night before finishing their homework. This rough sleep schedule leads to rushed mornings.

Students wake up late, making them skip the most important meal of the day: breakfast. At West Bloomfield High School, a new service was introduced in the morning- a breakfast bar. This is a traveling cart which is placed in the middle of the atrium. The bar is open from “before 6:30 am to 7:05, when students leave for class.” The bar provides several options to eat, “from hot breakfast sandwiches to bowls of cereal.”

The popularity of the bar has been on the rise. The chef explained how they are experiencing an “increase in numbers”, as they are providing food right in front of kids as they walk into the building. This made it more convenient for students. It lets them quickly get their breakfast and then go to class. Breakfast is around $1.50, and open each day of the school week.

As important as school is, it is of the utmost importance to prioritize yourself. We get up early enough; make sure to have a good breakfast to help boost your energy during the dreadful first class of the day!