Mr. Watson is Leaving Laker Nation

Bloomfield Hills has selected Mr. Watson as their new superintendent.


Isaac Mintz, Writer

West Bloomfield High School’s principal Patrick Watson was named the new superintendent of Bloomfield Hills School District on Wednesday evening, November 20th.

Watson emerged as the top candidate after a nearly four-month search. He has devoted himself to education for 26 years, being WBHS’ principal for the last six.

Mr. Robert Durecka, principal of West Hills Middle School of Bloomfield Hills, was also a finalist in the search.

Both men were put to the test, as they participated in an interview process in addition to a community meet-and-greet. Paul Kolin, BHSD board president, mentioned that the community, including students, expressed positive feedback on each of the candidates. BHSD collected over 800 surveys from the community at large, including teachers, parents, students, board members, and administrators, providing feedback on the candidates.

Mr. Watson has yet to make a public statement, however, has posted this Tweet in response to his candidacy:

Paul Kolin, BHS Board of Education President, said that they chose Watson “to lead us into the future.”

“He is friendly and approachable. We are extremely fortunate to have Mr. Watson as the Superintendent of our district,” adds Kolin.

Watson’s start date will be announced soon.