Medical Mentorship: On the Job Learning


Makari Paige, Writer

Medical mentorship is a non-profit program for young students to learn more about their intended medical careers. Mentoring skills are valuable assets for academic medicine and allied health faculty, who influence and help kids pursue the careers of the next generation of healthcare providers. 

Mentors are role models who also act as guidance for students’ personal and professional development over time. Mentors give extra knowledge about the curriculum of professionalism, ethics, values, and the art of medicine, also mentors also provide emotional support and encouragement through all the challenges the students may go through. 

Senior, Jordan Abston participates in Medical Mentorship and said, “Medical mentorship is a great opportunity for learning, I get to see what it’s like to be in a physical therapist’s shoes and I get to work one on one with them. I learned about the process of how they handle different patients and how they have to assign specific exercises to different cases. I also get to learn more about the human body.”

According to senior, Payton Harvey, “I’m able to get hands-on experience in my field of interest and network with people who I might work with in the future and get the chance to learn outside the classroom”. 

For students looking to gain more experience in the medical field and experience what it is like to be a medical professional, speak with your counselor about this opportunity.