Respect the Babies


4 mistakes everyone makes when they see a baby:

1)      They take pictures of the baby.

Babies are not models! You don’t need to showcase them to everyone you know.


When interviewed, baby Angelica, 5 months, said, “I know I’m cute, but that’s only for my mommy to enjoy. Everyone can look at my pictures once they’re taken, and that scares me. If anything, I need to get paid for my fantastic work.”

2)      They let the baby play with their keys.

You know babies put everything they can in their mouth especially when they are teething. Do you think it is wise for a baby to rip his gum with your keys to then have that gum become infected because of all the bacteria living on those keys?


“I love keys. They’re so yummy. They help me when my mouth is itchy,” baby Tommy, 4 months, said.

3)      They talk down to the baby.

NO! A baby is not a dog! The baby needs to learn to talk like a human!


“I am old enough to understand what you’re saying. I’m five months old for god’s sakes. I even know the alphabet! Want to see me go? A, B, C, D, J, umm, E, Z, W, ok I don’t know the whole thing, but I’m almost there,” baby Angelica said.

4)      They think the baby wants to be kissed.
Do you like your weird aunt getting slobber all over your face? NO.


“Eww, that is so gross. dfaisdfiadI. We babies, have a special word for those people. We call them Khana,” said baby Tommy.

These babies that you take pictures off, give keys to, talk down to, and kiss are probably not your own. They are little human beings that cannot speak up and say no. The parents do not like you touching the baby and neither does the baby. Love a puppy, not a baby!!


P.S. The statements the babies made when interviewed for this article were originally said in baby language, so translation may not be exact.