Study Tips for Finals


Sarah Long

With first semester coming to an end, it is time for students at WBHS to begin studying for midterm exams. Exams are being held Jan. 21-24, followed by a new semester beginning on Jan. 27. 

Throughout finals, it is important to be well rested and to eat a well balanced breakfast, this increases energy and concentration levels, thereby improves performance when testing.

Another tip for finals is to study with a partner or group, having peers close to you while studying helps keep students motivated and focused and it always helps to communicate and discuss material to truly comprehend the information. 

It is also important to be organized, one way to do this is to create a daily schedule to lay out what topic is to be studied each day, a schedule helps to keep on track and reduces the risk of falling behind.

Reviewing notes is a good way to study to refresh on certain topics, but an even better way to remember important information is to rewrite influential notes. The act of handwriting is more effective than simply skimming over notes. 

The most important thing when studying is to start early to be thoroughly prepared and organized for testing. Studying for a little amount of time for multiple days is a more efficient way of studying rather than cramming the night before. 

Good luck Lakers!