Varsity Football Crushes Season

Ava Bell, Writer

The 2020 football season was off to a rocky start this year. The pre-season started with Governor Whitmer canceling contact sports in order to protect high school students from getting COVID-19. This was a shock to players, coaches, and fans who were all looking forward to the sports season. However this all changed when Governor Whitmer amended her executive order: sports were now able to resume!

When asked about his favorite memory from this season, head coach Ron Bellamy replied with telling the players that the season was on. 

“Just being able to text the kids, call the kids. Just tell them, ‘Welcome back to football.’…They were beyond excited.”

Although the first three games were canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Lakers came ready to win their next four games. Their off season training had paid off, getting them a 3-1 record. The game on October 9th against Oxford ended with the Lakers dominating with a score of 45-0. Defensive back, #22, Max Hairston looked back at the team’s successes, 

“Just celebrating with my teammates on the sideline, just lights up your day.”

Football is about more than just knowing plays. The players spend countless hours with one another working on their technique and building their bond. They become more than just teammates, some would say brothers. 

“It’s just big trust,” says defensive tackle, #50, Jaden Green. The strong bond between the players is visible to fans and felt throughout the stadium. 

The coaching staff also works to strengthen the connection between the players. 

“One of the things about family that we do is we try to get the kids to go out and hang out together…We just promote that environment, that culture,” says head coach Ron Bellamy. 

While the coaches hope for the players to reach their highest potential on the field, they also want to help build their character. 

“A lot of the time the coaches talk about being a man and making sacrifices,” quarterback, #9, Alex Short notes about the coaches helping to develop players’ integrity and mentality. 

The coaches take their responsibilities seriously and focus on not just football, but the bigger picture. Coach Bellamy recognizes the importance of his role in a player’s life, 

“A lot of people talk about how you’re judged on your wins and losses, I like to say you’re judged on your legacy of how you were mentoring kids. Were you part of the change in their lives and the development of their lives? I think to me that’s more important than the wins and losses.”