Local Businesses, Supporting The Community

Kylie Harmala, Writer

With colder weather approaching in West Bloomfield you might be looking for some new indoor local places to visit. Luckily, West Bloomfield has plenty of unique locally owned businesses that are great places to eat dinner, have a treat with a friend or to go when you’re feeling a bit creative. These three businesses; Board and Brush, Gino’s Pizzeria and 44 scoops will soon become your new favorite places. 

44 Scoops

44 Scoops is an ice-cream shop on Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield open from 11am to 9pm all days of the week. Named after its 44 different flavors, you can find almost any dessert from traditional ice-cream to cake and milkshakes overflowing with ice cream, candy and cupcakes known as the “Milkshake Masterpiece”.  Although, this sweet store runs deeper than just their desserts and truly creates an incomparable ice cream experience.

When you walk into 44 Scoops for the first time it may almost seem overwhelming with the amount of sweet options you have. Some of their flavors include rainbow sherbet, cookie monster, ultimate oreo and haley’s comet. These flavors can all be made into milkshakes and you can pile on whatever toppings you are drawn to. 44 Scoops also offers an option to have your ice cream served in a large bucket that you and your friends can all share together called the “Everest”. The owner, Neal Rosenthal is very passionate about 44 scoops and providing the best experience for every customer. 

This makes the most notable thing about 44 Scoops the service and family-like environment created in this local ice cream store. Neal Rosenthal believes that when a customer walks in they’re the boss and says, 

“Service is the big thing.” and that his job is to, “Take care of the customer.”

If you can imagine it, chances are all your sweet dreams are possible here. 44 Scoops allows for the customer to customize their order entirely and build the perfect dessert. Creating what Neal Rosenthal believes to be,

 “A unique product in a standard world.”

Gino’s Pizzeria

Gino’s Pizzeria is a locally owned business on Cass Lake Rd, Keego Harbor. Their dining room is open most days from 3pm to 9pm but are available for carry-out and curbside pick-up. Gino’s offers a large range of Italian foods from pizza to pastas. This restaurant is a great place to go with a group of friends or with your entire family. They offer private, reservable rooms and have long tables in the main dining area to accommodate larger groups. 

Speaking with the owner of Gino’s Pizza, Gino, he spoke of his favorite aspects of owning a restaurant here in Keego Harbor.

“I think one of my favorite things is having made many acquaintances and smiling faces with our Italian food.”

Gino’s restaurant makes you feel like you’re at home and strives to make their food accessible to everyone in the community. For highschoolers, Gino’s Pizzeria offered a deal for you and your friends to eat out together before the West Bloomfield High School homecoming dance. For a singular price you and whomever you bring with you will get an assortment of foods that act as a mini buffet for your table.  Gino loves being at the center of the community and a place for gathering.

“With the support of our friends and the community we were able to grow to what we are now.”

Although, with COVID-19 it is also important to still follow safety precautions while eating at Gino’s. You should wear a mask when not at your table and please maintain a good distance from others at the restaurant.  If you want to find out more information on Gino’s Pizzeria visit http://www.ginospizzakeego.com/ginos.html.

Board & Brush: Creative Studio

Board and Brush is an art experience for all ages and ability levels. This art studio is located on Orchard Lake Rd, Sylvan Lake. They’re open from 10am to 5pm Monday thru Friday with varying times on the weekends. Board and Brush offer art workshops where you complete DIY projects like wooden wall decor, tote bags, doormats and other personalizable items for your home.  

Board and Brush is a one of a kind place in our local community. Guests pre-book an art class of their choosing and show up ready to learn. All you need to bring with you is your friends and some creativity. The owner, Dee Sloan, is very passionate about creative expression and wanted to share that with her daughters and the community.

“I wanted more for my children, and knew that I was doing them a disservice by not wanting more for myself. I have always loved to create and knew that whatever I did next had to involve something I was passionate about.”

That is what makes Board and Brush such a unique experience. It’s meant to be a place where you can come together with friends and family and have fun spending time together while learning a new skill that you might’ve never learned elsewhere. Or,  you can go alone and meet people and make new friends in your community. They offer birthday parties, fundraising events, baby showers, team bonding events and more. 

Although, if you’re ready to explore your creativity but aren’t comfortable with sitting in an enclosed space with others due to COVID-19, Board and Brush are hosting their classes in smaller groups and are holding zoom classes. You pick up your materials, take them home and get to enjoy a socially distanced art experience.

Customers can still use their creative energy, but in the comfort of their own homes, and walk away feeling proud that they have created something with their own hands.”

If you’re looking to book a visit today or are curious for more information see https://boardandbrush.com/.