Alyssa Snead

   High School students are losing their motivation. Their motivation to focus on ZOOM, stay in routine, and to do their work is hard to keep up. It is understandable that students feel distracted while working in their own home, but it is unacceptable.

Many students have mixed feelings about online school and it is affecting their work ethic. Students need to realize that even though this school year looks different, grades and attendance are still crucial to be successful. Especially to the juniors and seniors that will be starting or completing their college applications.

“I can’t stay motivated because I feel like school is an option and like I don’t actually have to do my work,” said Latrell Massey, a junior at WBHS. “And at the same time I feel motivated because I don’t want to fail at anything I do.”

Motivation loss is bound to happen in students homes, from being distracted by social media to dealing with siblings. It may be difficult to completely get rid of the distractions but there are ways to minimize them. Making a work space, for example, will be beneficial. Students should find the most quiet space in their home, this space may still be somewhat  noisy, but less noise is better than more. After finding a quiet space, students should bring their school supplies to the area. They should organize their supplies in a way that works best for them. After their work area is set,  they shouldn’t bring in any distractions, such as a cell phone. Anytime students go to this area, it should be for school and school only.

“You and only you decide what is to be learned.””

“High school students have been conditioned to arrive,  behave,  work and leave via bells for 10-13 years of their lives…. Instead,  for better or worse students are being thrust into an adult world filled with responsibility,  foresight,  planning and self sufficiency,” said Mr. Sturgill, teacher at West Bloomfield High School. “You and only you decide what is to be learned….Take control of your learning,  invest in yourself by putting your phone down, digging into a topic,  questioning, revisiting and then making it yours…. Invest time in yourself. Take care of yourself. Only then will you find true motivation and discipline.”

As Mr. Sturgill said, students need to take control of their learning. High school students are mature enough to know that their actions have consequences. Not completing work and not focusing on ZOOM will only hurt students in the end. Highschoolers are losing their way with online school. This new way of schooling may be different, but that does not mean it is any less important. Highschool years are crucial for students and need to be taken seriously. Motivation is decreasing and that needs to change.