Masks in Fashion

Jack Turpen

A huge part of the fashion world has to do with trends. In this section of Laker Fashion, we are gonna tackle some different upcoming trends and some of the most popular trends within designer fashion shows. Trends are a huge part of what we chose to wear and I think it’s important to know the latest trends all the time. But this first trend is something that everyone should be used to wearing by now. Not to say safety is a fashion trend, but it obviously relates to the world as of right now. It is however a trend for designers to find creative ways to incorporate masks into their shows.

Masks have become not only a sign of respect to everybody in the room but a fun accessory. For people like me, obsessed with my outfit choices, I was immediately stressed in making sure my mask would match my outfit. Not everyone is as crazy as me, but someone who is equally careful as me is Sydney Crenshaw(‘23). 

Audrey Gunawan(’21) and Chloe Bowyer(’21), shot by Jack Turpen

“Masks can really destroy a look but they can also, especially now, make a look more impressive. To be able to match a mask and add a new layer to an outfit can make a boring outfit into something really cool and interesting,” Crenshaw said.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The mask can create and destroy, being able to either add a new fun pop of color or match it perfectly to your top, is something really special. We all look back at decades of fashion and notice the special qualities to that year. It was big tie-dye in the 70s, bright neon colors in the 80s and the grunge movement of the 90s. I think it’s really cool that fashionably we will be able to look back at this year and see the different ways masks were incorporated into looks. 

For Christian Siriano’s 37th collection he added masks to most if not all of his looks. Many looks within the collection include print with the word “vote” all over it for the upcoming election. Each look came with a mask matching the look either in color or print. The show was held outside and featured a pregnant model who ended the show by enticing a pool in a full red gown and struggling to get out because of how heavy the gown became. 

Chloe Bowyer(’21), shot by Jack Turpen

My favorite part of the collection was the incorporation of masks. Each mask was very unique to the look and I really enjoyed the difference they made in each look. My favorite look was a yellow tulle dress with different colored flowers attached with the stems. It was paired with a mask completely covered in flowers and flower petals. The mask became a really interesting feature to the dress and it enhanced the different colors being featured with the flowers on the dress. 

Masks have become a challenge turned into something really special for fashion. Designers are starting to embrace the challenge and create some really cool things. Students our age are probably by now sick of the masks, but I think if we start embracing  them we can all turn some really cool looks.