My Love for Fright

London Outlaw, journalist

My Love for Fright

As a child, I was infatuated with Halloween and the candy that came with it.  The smell in the air on Halloween night was always so distinct to me. It was never describable but it was always there, I loved it. Though there was one thing I loved more than the rest, the fright. 

   The bravery I got from dashing to grab delicious candy from the porches of haunted looking houses was intoxicating! The anticipation for fright and candy always consumed me. 

   There is one Halloween that stood out like no other. I decided I would be a vampire that year, having a deep fascination for the life of a Twilight vampire. 

   Arriving in the fierce looking neighborhood my mom decided to take us to, sent chills down my spine. Pulling up to the side of the curb, my mother threw the car in park. Taking the keys out of the ignition she got out of the car, my sister who was the butterfly of the night and I, following suit. 

   Unfortunately, for my sister Imari, she wasn’t up for scare like her little sister. Walking to the first house, Imari was hesitant while I was beyond eager. Passing my sister I crept to the porch in pursuit of the candy bowl right by the door. 

   “Before I could say anything, I saw a man on the other side of the porch getting ready to scare my baby,” my mother Rona said, “now don’t get me wrong, I had time to tell London, but she loved a good scare so i decided to let it happen.”  

   Reaching toward the bowl, I decided to just pick the whole thing up so I could walk some to my scary sister. Before I could make it to her, I heard a powerful “Hey!” from the porch. Turning around, I see a tall man wearing all black with a red face mask to top it off. Before I could take off, my sister let out an ear splitting scream beelining to my mother. 

   Hearing her scream snapped me out of my small trance activating my legs. I threw the bowl of candy in the air and ran straight to my mother, Twix, Kit Kats, and Snickers flying everywhere. I made it to my mother within seconds, holding on to her leg for dear life. 

   “At the time, I had never seen my sister run so fast. She was definitely scared but she also had a look of amusement on her face. I mean candy went everywhere and I’m sure everybody saw it. I was so scared myself, I almost forgot I even had a sister till I actually saw her charging at me and my mama,” said my now twenty-one-year-old sister Imari. 

   Though I did get a scare big enough to send me flying to my mother, that’s the thing I loved the most about it. Calming down after realizing the man didn’t chase me, I came around from behind my mother to see him on the porch waving at me, yelling “Put some candy in your pumpkin!” pointing to my pumpkin candy bucket. 

   Graciously I grabbed two candies noticing other kids were doing the same thing and carrying on to the next houses. Little did I know, this was only the beginning of a night filled with even bigger blood curdling screams and scares!